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16 01 20 Catenary ladder in situ on trackPurpose:

The system is designed so it can be easily transported to site in a van and erected in-situ by a gang of three operatives to effect repairs to OLE, quickly and safely without the need to use a MEWP. Response times and costs can thus be significantly reduced and repairs effected promptly utilizing the closest access point.

They can be supplied in either wood or fiberglass dependent on your preference.

How does the OLE Access Ladder System work?

Erecting and or dismantling the system is a matter of a few steps and takes as little as 10mins, as shown in the video below. It is securely braked when in position but this can easily be released and the ladder moved to a new position along the rail. Dismantling is equally fast enabling you to return the line to use promptly.




Easily transported to site in a van:


It can be used for Catenary Repairs or within tunnels for roof/side wall repairs.



The Catenary Maintenance Repair ladder when working on the track.

Employees that perform OLE engineering repair work on the track must be able to work in total safety. This is normally effected by utilizing a MEWP which are not always readily available and are relatively expensive. Having this equipment readily available and able to effect repairs quickly from the closest access point saves both time and money. The return on investment is over very few uses.

Benefits of the Catenary Maintenance Ladder

  • It can be transported easily and quickly to the closest access point and erected in minutes so that repairs can be effected quickly and safely without resorting to the cost and time obtaining a MEWP
  • Securely braked to the rail, but can be moved simply by using the ‘quick release braking mechanism’.
  • No loose No tools needed.
  • No danger of damaging underground signalling cables.
  • Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters.
  • Can be used in areas with S & C.
  • Safe to use, with no hazardous ballast dust (Silica = Silicosis) or pathogens (e.g. Weil ’s disease, Leptospirosis) generated by disturbing ballast.
  • Safe and fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple attachment to the rail, with no removal or replacement of ballast there are major savings in working and possession costs.
  • Can be used in freezing temperatures (to-20oC) with frozen ballast or in high temperatures (to+80oC) when ‘track distortion’ is an issue when ballast is removed.

The patented Catenary Maintenance Ladder is easy to use and will therefore, be used!

16 01 20 Double Rounded Tenon

Double oval tenon strengthens the assembly and makes it easily repairable


Anti-tilt mechanism.


16 01 20 Bronze Locking Mechanism

Patented ‘Quick Locking’ Bronze Ladder Locking Mechanism



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