®IRS RSS Edge Protection for Maintenance Pits

   RSS Edge Protection for flat     surfaces is a patented system and meets the safety requirements of the European Standard EN 13374 class A.

See Videos on EN13374 Safety Tests which
demonstrate the strength of the system:


There are already a lot of edge protection systems for flat surfaces on the market, but this system distinguishes itself through its simplicity. It is light and easy to assemble, or remove sections to give access to, for example, a maintenance pit.

You can protect the side of the Pit and by removing one handrail section  give access to a specific area:

  1. You can use the conventional ‘Flat Roof Edge Protection Safety Barrier’ as follows:
    Flat Roof Barrier

This is erected as follows:

1 Erecting Stanchion 2 Erecting Stanchion 3 Erecting Stanchion 4 Erecting Stanchion

Handrail Bottom Hook Handrail locking clip RSS 050906 0006 Showing Locking Pin

Bottom Handrail  Hook   Top Handrail Hook        Looking up from pit           Locking Mechanism

Safety Standards:

Both the Dutch A-blad Standard and HSE UK ‘Working at Height’ Regulations). cover working at height on flat surfaces e.g.: roofs, or the edges of maintenance pits. Both contain recommendations and standards expected to limit the exposure of operatives working at height to the risk of falls.  They strongly recommend fencing systems (complete protection, (HSE If work at height is unavoidable, aim to protect against falls by providing a suitable working platform fitted with edge protection (ie guard rails and toe boards) rather than individual protection by way of lanyards.  If you look at the flowcharts shown in the A-blad standard, the Dutch Labour Inspectorate (Arbeidsinspectie) strictly controls compliance with them, and the HSE in the UK will prosecute infringement of these regulations or failure to protect operatives.  They both indicate that a fencing system is mandatory in very many cases.

This RSS system is a solution based on the Dutch regulations (A-blad) on flat roofs.


The fencing is hooked into the foldable aluminium stanchion. The stanchion is ballasted by a counterweight.  So the system is easy to transport to the area where edge protection is required and is assembled there in one action.  You simply unfold the system and secure it with a locking pin.  Next, you hang the fencing in the stanchion. There are no loose parts to get lost.

RSS systems meet the “til standard” (max. 25 kg), have been certified by Aboma & Keboma and satisfy the safety requirements of the European standard EN 13374 A, B and C.

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