® IRS Safety Helmet ~Light Band

Be Seen: Be Safe : ~ The IRS Rail Safety Helmet Retrofitted, Powered, Light Band

The IRS Rail Safety Helmet Retrofitted, Powered, Light Band when working on the track at night:

13 07 04 Front view of HelmetEmployees that perform engineering work on the track must be able to work in total safety.  The majority of the reflective jackets, vests general PPE etc. relies on there being some light source being present in order to become reflective and indicate your presence.

The IRS Safety Helmet Light Band doesn’t need an external light source!

With its own power source from a dust and rainproof, rechargeable battery, the light can either be on continuously or set to ‘flashing mode’ at the flick of a switch.  You will be visible from 600m in total darkness with no external light source present – in tunnels, or any underground structures, or just in an unlit area whilst working on the track away from the main worksite.  It is particularly useful for Night Patrolmen or Lookouts working at night.

13 07 04 Rear view of helmetSpecifications:

USB plug rechargeable battery

2 x 500 mAh Li-PO battery

Working Life:
22 hours flashing
10-12 hours still/continuous mode



Benefits of the Safety Helmet Light:

13 07 04 Side view of HelmetThe IRS Safety Helmet Light consists of only one component

  1. It can easily be retrofitted to any existing Safety Helmet.
  2. Visible in total darkness from 600m away.
  3. No external Light Source needed to make you visible.
  4. No loose components
  5. No tools needed
  6. Safe, simple and light
  7. Simple, safe and fast recharging using readily available technology.
  8. Can be used in freezing temperatures (to-20oC).
  9. The patented IRS Safety Helmet Light is easy to use and will therefore, be used!

How do you fit the IRS Safety Helmet Light Band ?

 Fitting the system is a matter of aHelmet Light band off helmet few steps:

  1.  Both the battery and lighting strips have self-adhesive backings.
  2. Make sure the surface of the helmet is relatively clean ~ do not use solvents, just soap and water.
  3. Lay the helmet on a flat surface with the front pointing away from you.
  4. Remove the self-adhesive cover strip on the battery, (be careful not to put to many fingerprints on the adhesive surface) and simply press-onto the back of the helmet as shown.
    NB: Ensure the USB plug is not covered and remains accessible.
  5. Remove the adhesive cover from one of the lighting strips and place it over the helmet, smoothing it into position from the rear edge, removing any air bubbles as you go.
  6. Repeat for the other side.



13 047 04 Helmet with Uglow logo

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