Inventors & Ourselves

We are an Achilles ‘Link-up’
approved supplier to Network Rail
and aim to work both for you
and with you to achieve our common goals!

All our products are rigorously
tested and matched to existing
industry standards, to ensure compliance.

We continually search for ‘new’ and ‘innovative’
products that are in line with our vision of making the
GB & Éire Railway Infrastructure a safer place to work.

We would be pleased to hear from any indiviuals, inventors or organisations from across the World, who have or are developing such innovative products to market to the GB & Éire Railway Infrastructure.

 We have a network of Companies and Indivduals
throughout Europe, who have both the experience
and knowledge of their respective ‘market place’,
and are therefore, able to market your product.

New and Innovative Products from around the World:

    11 05 25 rss-rail-train-06a   Standing amazed at the speed of erecting the barrier  The Magnetic Head of the Stanchion in the Web of the Rail   Points Run-through Sign within points IMG_1890

    9 Fence in place with man working on dormer window    01b Finished Fence on Safety Base    9a Fence in place on a row of houses    01 men using the Safety Base Plate on a roof

   Led-Mark   Sverige_luleaa_skumring   Freiburg LED-Mark 5  12 03 05 Geveko CO2 Neutral Cycle Path











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