® IRS RSS Magnetically Attached ‘Points Run-through Sign’


‘Points-Run Through Sign’ approved by Network Rail:
Certificate number ~ PA05/05458

An innovative ‘Points-Run Through Sign’ utilising the unique magnetic technology patented by Raill Safety Systems of the Netherlands, has been given approval by Network Rail’, for use throughout the GB network: ~ Certificate of Acceptance ~ PA05/05458.

Approved for use by:


Points Run-through Sign within points IMG_1890 It is intended as a temporary sign placed within the track with a clear indication and instruction to the driver/operator to ‘Stop and check the points before proceeding’ into a working possession.  ‘STOP- Check points are set correctly before proceeding signs’ are used extensively on Track Work Sites.  The boards are placed at either end of S&C layouts in the worksite to ensure that any vehicle movements carefully consider the direction of the switches before proceeding.  This will potentially prevent points run through.

The existing points run through (PRT) signage is an A-Frame free standing board approximately 0.80m tall.  In general the boards have to sand bagged to prevent them from falling over.  This will involve an amount of manual handling as the track staff will need to carry the sign and  the sand bags to site and lift the sand bags on and off the boards which results in the kit generally not being placed or replaced, thus defeating the object.  Further, due to their low height the boards are not as effective as they could be due to the fact that RRV operators and Train Drivers sit high up.

Using the same technology as the RSS approved ‘Magnetic Attached Safety Barrier, the magnetic signage doesl not require any sand-bagging and the track staff will not need to lift or bend to install or remove the signage.  The reduction in manual handling and ease of use will promote the re-installation of the boards after use. In addition the signage is now 1.5m tall and is clearly more visible to RVV operators and Train Drivers, than the A-Frame. As with the magnetic attached fence it is recommended that the system is not used in 3rd rail areas.

The PRT signage is used on Track Worksites and  is placed within the marker boards.  They are removed prior to handing back the line blockage.

 How do the RSS magnetically attached ‘Points Run-through’ Safety Signs work?

Erecting the system is a matter of a few steps:

  1. Select the appropriate signage for the task being undertaken and the specifics of the area being worked in.
  2. The stanchion is fixed on the inside of the flange of the rail so that the sign stands within the 4” 0’, and is clearly visible to ‘oncoming trains’.  It should be placed at the commencement of a possession and removed at the completion of the work.
  3. Furthermore, all safety precautions and all Network Rail rules and standards applicable to safety on the track must be observed.
  4. If necessary, safety personnel also need to be present.
  5. The maximum permissible working temperatures of the system are -20 ̊ and +60 ̊ Celsius.
  6. Repeat the steps above, until the entire length of the working area has been appropriately ‘signed’.

Dismantle in reverse by lifting the stanchion towards the rail to ‘roll-off’ the magnet.

IMG_1901              Points Run-through sign outside points IMG_1894

Can be positioned within S & C                                         or very close!

 Benefits of the Temporary Safety Signs:

  1. The RSS Railway Safety System consists of only two components
  2. The RSS Railway Safety System has been tested by HHC/DRS Inspecties B.V. and certified to EN 13374 (Class A), and is approved by Network Rail  PA05 05085
  3. No loose components
  4. No tools needed
  5. No danger of damaging underground signaling cables
  6. Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ
  7. Safe, simple and light
  8. Simple, safe and fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple magnetic attachment to the web of the rail, with no requirement to remove or replace ballast – hence no hazardous ballast dust is inhaled by the workforce
  9. Very fast build time and thus a major saving in working and possession costs
  10. Very strong magnet (tensile force up to 600 Kg/N)
  11. Easy dismantling with one arm movement
  12. Does NOT affect track circuits or Axle counters
  13. Can be used in areas with S & C
  14. Can be used even under freezing circumstances when ballast is frozen or covered with snow, and removes the potential for ‘Track distortion’ in high temperatures
  15. The patented Magnetic Safety Barrier is easy to use and will therefore, be used!


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