EN 13374 Safety Tests

Edge Protection ~ EN 13374

Performance Requirements to EN 13374

All systems should meet the performance requirements of EN 13374, the European Standard for Temporary Edge Protection.  The Standard has three Classes, and there is a guidance graph indicating the intended application range for each Class. Each Class also has performance criteria, and evidence should be sought to confirm that the system selected meets the relevant criteria and is suitable for the application on site.

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Class A:  The majority of applications will require Class A performance, although any sloping surfaces less than 30º will require Class B.  Class A must be stiff (<55mm deflection with 0.3kN horizontal load).



 Class B: must be equally stiff, but must also have been type tested to accept the swing bag impact test.  If using mesh panels, both Classes must contain a sphere of 250mm diameter.

   Class C : is most suitable for steep slopes greater than 30º, and must contain a high dynamic test (a rolling cylinder), and must absorb substantial energy.  A Class C system does NOT have to pass the stiffness/deflection test, and must simply contain the rolling cylinder, and a sphere of 100mm diameter.  For this reason Class C tends to be made using supported safety netting.

  The application graph is for information/guidance only (within the Standard), and in certain circumstances higher capacity systems are being used for less steep roofs (eg. Class C systems are frequently used on large bay industrial buildings which do not have the structural capacity to support the stiffness requirements of Class A or B).


The performance requirements within EN 13374 are equally applicable to guard rails, tube and fitting, or any form of edge protection.  The stiffness requirements for Class A and B can be confirmed by calculation alone, however the swing bag test requirements for Class B require the solution to have been type tested.  The containment requirements should be noted, and if using guard rails to protect a sloping surface in a Class B application, the requirement to contain a sphere of 250mm will demand more than two guard rails.  Class C requirements are difficult to achieve without the use of energy absorbing safety nets.

Note that installations over 40m above the ground will require additional technical confirmation due to the increased wind loading.

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