® IRS Solar Wind Lighting

‘®IRS Solar Wind Lighting’:
for remote applications without mains power!

Developed utilizing known British sourced products to provide lighting wherever it is impractical to install permanent mains wired lighting systems due the constraints of for example ‘track-layout’ or other accessibility constraints.

It offers an environmentally friendly, cost saving solution to providing amenity lighting in remote locations or in busy traffic routes.

However, there is no need to consider them merely for ‘emergency/stop gap’ lighting as they have the power reserves to operate continuously throughout darkness.

The use of both Photovoltaic Cells (using and converting light energy to electrical energy, without the requirement for the Sun being visible) plus the use of ‘wind power’ (with low wind speed effectiveness) provides ample capacity to generate light from the latest LED lighting technology, all night long.

Locations previously considered too far from a mains supply but that require lighting can now be considered for ‘®IRS Solar Wind Lighting’. The wind and light powered solution delivers free, renewable energy, which is stored in a gel battery in the base unit, ready to provide light/illumination when darkness falls.

A ‘PIR is fitted so that the light turns on when required and off when not needed but there is sufficient capacity or energy reserves to operate continuously all the hours of darkness during the long winter nights. The PIR can be overridden in the event of continuous illumination being required. ‘®IRS Solar Wind Lighting’ is already in use on a number of installations.

It’s cost effective!

When you install an ‘®IRS Solar Wind Lighting’ there’s no need to dig trenches for underground cables as the system is completely independent of the grid. By generating its own power from the wind and light there will be no grid connection charges, no on-going energy charges or standing charges. Installation is quick, typically less than a ½ day per column, and can easily be effected using the ‘®IRS Rail Attachment’ or simple concrete foundations.

Environmentally friendly – they do not generate any greenhouse gases, emit unnecessary light pollution or cost anything to operate, as they simply and efficiently convert the natural energy of light and the wind into electricity!

The LED Lighthead is the most advanced Solar Powered Street Light giving 4200 lumens. The light is ideal for pedestrian areas or access to remote locations or little used areas such as switch points.

The LED head has up to a 22-year lifespan.

Includes a 46w LED and 130w PV

The whole system is hinged at the base, installation and maintenance is therefore undertaken at ground level.

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