® IRS Solar Safety Studs

How do the ®IRS Solar Road Illumination Studs work?

These are not just reflective road studs but  low level road edge lights!  They can be ‘glued’ and/or ‘screwed’ to any part of the infrastructure e.g. sleepers, walls etc.

Developed to provide illumination wherever it is impractical to install permanent ground level mains wired lighting systems due to ‘track/road-layout’ or other accessibility constraints.

They offer an environmentally friendly, cost saving solution to providing illumination in remote locations or in busy traffic routes where overhead lighting cannot be provided due to infrastructure constraints.

However, there is no need to consider them merely for reflective illumination or ‘emergency/stop gap’ lighting as they have the power reserves to operate continuously throughout the hours of darkness.

The use of Photovoltaic Cells (using and converting light energy to electrical energy, without the requirement for the Sun being visible) provides ample capacity to generate light from the latest photovoltaic and LED lighting technology, all night long.

The ®IRS Solar Road Illumination Studs when working on or near the track.

Slips, Trips and Falls are major contributors to accident statistics and the cause of injury and ‘working time lost’ within the railway industry.

Employees that perform engineering work on or near the track, especially at night, must be able to walk to their place of work in total safety. In areas such as depots where mains powered lighting is not always practically available, these lights can either be embedded within the road surface or glued and screwed to other infrastructure such the edges of sleepers.

In situ, they provide a clear delineated pathway with sufficient illumination to prevent ‘slips, trips and falls’ and enabling safe passage of staff to and from their place of work.

Benefits of using the ®IRS Solar Road Illumination Studs.

They are cost effective!

When you install ®IRS Solar Road Illumination Studs there’s no need to dig trenches for underground cables as the studs are completely independent of any power source from the grid.

  • No loose components – No tools needed – Safe, simple assembly and installation
  • No danger of damaging underground signaling cables or track circuits
  • Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ

Additional Benefits

  1. A safer environment and workplace for Staff.
  2. Easy installation.
  3. No maintenance – Super capacitor with up to 100,000 cycles – up to 15years life expectancy.
  4. Saves power, no additional expenses, environmentally friendly, no pollution.
  5. Light sensitive, automatically turning on at night and off at dawn.
  6. High visibility LED’s help ensure easy and safe night time walking/driving.
  7. Suitable for a wide range of applications – embedded in road surface or screwed and glued to infrastructure (.eg.sleeper edges).
  8. Both active illuminations through photovoltaic energy and passive reflecting light.
  9. Strong compression resistance aluminium shell – up to 30 tons.
  10. Up to IP68 – No dust infiltration and protected against continuous submersion in water.
  11. By generating their own power from light there will be no grid connection charges, no on-going energy charges or standing charges.
  12. Environmentally friendly – they do not generate any greenhouse gases, emit unnecessary light pollution or cost anything to operate, as they simply and efficiently convert the natural energy of daylight into electricity and illumination!

 ®IRS Solar Road Illumination Studs – Technical Details ~ for the range of products

Solar cell Type: Mono crystalline
Solar panel: 3v ,120mah
Battery: 1pc 1200mA Ni-Mh(or lithium Battery)
Capacitor Type: Super-capacitor (2.3V,120F)
Life cycles: 100, 000 cycles > 15 years
Working temperature: -40C – +80C
LED frequency Blink: 1Hz+-20% or constant
Number of LED’s: 2 X 2PCS
Colours available: White, yellow, red, blue, green (can be customized)
Luminous intensity: 2000mcd
Control circuits: IC built-in
Operating time: Charged for 8 hours available for 80 hours in flashing mode and 12 hours constant lighting
Compression resistance: Up to 30 Tons
Starting intensity: 500 LUX
Application situation: Suitable for vehicle/pedestrian road edge delineator
Warranty: 1 year
Material of body shell: Aluminium alloy
Material of solar panel shell: Polycarbonate
Material of reflector: Acrylic
Water proof grade: > IP68 Dust-proof – No dust infiltration and Protected against continuous submersion in water
View distance: Up to 800m
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