® IRS Geveko LED Guide ~ Intelligent Photvoltaic Road Stud

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LED-Guide: LED lighting for use in
high-risk locations.


A self-charging LED system which saves energy and is cost-effective.

“LED-Guide an intelligent step further on the way”.

 The LED-Guide system can be used for many purposes.  With LED-Guide it is possible to make the road sense, process information and communicate with cars and infrastructure to help the driver to make the right decision on the road.


LED-Guide mounted on asphalt or perhaps milled into the surface with PREMARK® as protection.



 Durable design:

The design is robust and simple. The LED-Guide is ultra-thin and self-charging with solar cells and extremely durable batteries.  The LED-Guide road studs do not affect the traffic and are designed to cope with tough conditions such as snow ploughs or other vehicles used for road maintenance.

 LED-Guide in action: 

 Cost-effective safety:

The LED-Guide system is extremely cost-effective. The installation is easy and is carried out with glue.  It does not require drilling or other fastening devices.  It is also possible to install with screws.

 LED-Guide used in Ghost Driver Warning System, activated in daylight:

LED-Guide can be used as a warning for driving too close on the motorway, traffic congestion or queues, or reporting to TIC.

 Usage e.g.

  1. Railway crossings outside of urban areas where impractical to put mains lighting.
  2. Lighting dark Bicycle Paths
  3. System to prevent wrong-way-driving
  4. Pedestrian crossings
  5. Prevent Right Turn accidents
  6. Traffic counting
  7. Dangerous curves


  1. Easy installation (glued on top of the surface e.g. the road)
  2. Protected against snow clearing (requires PREMARK® protection or being milled into the road surface)
  3. Built-in radio transmitter and receiver which can be controlled from e.g. the I-Module
  4. Battery with solar cells for intelligent charging
  5. No external energy supply
  6. Each LED-Guide has its own code, which makes it possible to monitor the IT
  7. Each LED-Guide can be controlled individually with regard to the flash frequency and duration
  8. Adjustment of the intensity in proportion to the surroundings
  9. Temperature sensor
  10. One or eight built-in LED flashing lights in the white, yellow, green, blue and red
  11. Processing of data
  12. Can both shine and make flashing lights

 Technical specifications:

Solar panel: 80×90 mm.
Visibility (distance): over 1000 m in the dark
Battery life: 2-5 years
Operating temperature: -40 degrees/+60 degrees
Load: Max. 20 ton
Size (HxWxL): 7x120x130 mm
Weight approx.: 140 g
Battery: 1 or 2
Working life 400/2000 hours (uncharged)
Lighting: Four different directions
Radiofrequency: 865 MHz
Channels: 16
Number of programs: Max 4
Coloured stickers indicate active LEDs and their colours
Patent pending

If you need to dispose this product please note that:

Waste electrical products should not be disposed together with household waste.  Please recycle where facilities exist.


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