® IRS Geveko LED Mark ~ Intelligent Photovoltaic Road Stud

LED-Mark:  LED marking for use in
high-risk locations, or for CO2 neutral guiding lights on cycle paths.

A self-charging LED system which saves energy and is cost-effective.

                                    “LED-Mark shows the way”.

 The LED-Mark system can be used for many purposes. It is often used for supplementary marking for e.g. railway sidings, routes to ‘handpoints’,  dangerous curves, dark roads, unlit cycle paths or pathways and unlit roundabouts.  It may also be used to warn against frost or in locations where special risks are likely to occur. (They can be pre-programmed to flash on/off when the temperature drops to say 2oC)

 It is possible to establish lights in e.g. roundabouts as replacement of cabled technologies, and a whole host of other applications.


LED-Mark mounted on asphalt or perhaps milled into the surface with PREMARK® as protection.               





 Cycle path with LED-Mark at dusk in Aarhus. 






 Lighting a dangerous bend.

 Durable design:

The design is robust and simple.  The LED-Mark is ultrathin and self-charging with solar cells and extremely durable batteries.  The LED-Mark road studs do not affect the traffic and are designed to cope with tough conditions such as snow ploughs or other vehicles used for road maintenance.

 Cost-effective safety:

The LED-Mark system is extremely cost-effective.

The initial costs are approx. 1/10 of cabled technologies and the operating costs are approx. 1/3.  The installation is easy and is carried out with glue.  It does not require drilling or other fastening devices.  It is also possible to install LED-Mark on wood with screws.

 The E4 Motorway Lulelå in the northern part of Sweden with LED-Mark


  1. Railway crossings outside of urban areas where impractical to put mains lighting.
  2. Enhance road marking at particularly risky spots.(e.g. dark road sections, dangerous curves, and fog)
  3. CO2 neutral guiding lights on cycle paths
  4. Marking and guiding lights in roundabouts
  5. Secure cycle paths on main roads
  6. Harbour fronts and landing stages
  7. Warning flashing lights for temporary risks e.g. frost and fog.


  1. Easy installation (glued on top of surface e.g. the road).
  2. Protected against snow clearing (requires PREMARK® protection or being milled into the surface).
  3. Lights up when it gets dark (programmed when delivered).
  4. Intelligent on/off switch (sleep function).
  5. Hibernates after 24 hours in the dark, after which the light level is controlled every 10 minutes.  If it is dark the road stud will continue to hibernate.  If it get light, the road stud wakes up, and turns on the next time it goes dark.
  6. Can light for up to 2000 hours without charging.
  7.  Can survive 1 year under a snowdrift.  To make it wake up again it must be in sunlight for 30 minutes and then it will turn on and be active after a delay of 10 seconds.
  8. The surface of the LED-Mark is a prism, which makes charging possible when the sun is in a position of 10 degrees over the horizon.
  9. Built-in temperature sensor.
  10. Frost warning: Blinking with 2 Hz from +2 to -10 degrees Celsius
  11. Intelligent battery charging, so that even small amounts of sunlight charges the battery.
  12. Waterproof IP 68 (can withstand seawater).
  13. One or four built-in LED lights in the following colors white, yellow, green, blue and red.
  14. Programmable to a certain extent – use LED-Guide for more options.
  15.  “Stand-alone” without external energy source.


Technical specifications:

Solar panel: 80×90 mm
Visibility (distance): more than 1000 m in the dark
Battery life: 2-5 years
Flash frequency: 100 Hz
Operating temperature: -40 degrees/+60 degrees
Load: Max. 20 ton
Size (HxWxL): 7x100x120 mm
Weight approx.: 100 g
Working life: 400/2000 hours (without charge – depending on LEDs)
Battery: 1 or 2
Lighting: Two directions
Coloured stickers indicate active LEDs and their colours


If you need to dispose this product please note that:

Waste electrical products should not be disposed together with household waste.  Please recycle where facilities exist.

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