® IRS Magnetic Safety Signage

How do the Magnetic Safety Signs work?


Erecting the system is a matter of a few steps:

  • Click the Backing plate onto the Magnetic Barrier handrail, in an appropriate and visible position.
  • Select the appropriate signage for the task being undertaken and the specifics of the area being worked in.
  • Place the magnetic signs on the backing plate.
  • Repeat the steps above until the entire length of the working area has been appropriately ‘signed’.

Dismantle in reverse:

 The Magnetic Safety Signs when working on the track

Employees that perform engineering work on the track must be able to work in total safety. A system of ‘safety signage’ appropriate to the task being carried out and the specific requirements of the area being worked in; close to any track on which trains are still running, MUST be in place.

The IRS Railway Safety Signage System has been designed to conform to the new GI/RT 7033 standard and the Railway Group Standard code together with the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002 and Private Crossings (Signs and Barriers) Regulations 1996 and Standard GI/RT 7033.

  • The magnetic signs are very strong and cannot be blown off
  • Easy dismantling and storage in a purpose made container
  • The range of signs available, allows the COSS or safety officer to contruct a set of signage appropriate to the site conditions and the area being worked in

Benefits of the Magnetic Safety Signs

The IRS Railway Safety System consists of only two components

  • No tools needed
  • No danger of damaging underground signaling cables
  • Allows tamping & ballast cleaning to continue whilst in-situ
  • Safe, simple and light
  • Simple, safe and fast assembly/disassembly, with a simple magnetic attachment to board on the handrail
  • Very fast build time and thus a major saving in working and possession costs
  • The patented Magnetic Safety Signage System is easy to use and will therefore, be used!

Example of Signs Available
(you can of course specify your own)

  1. Rule 3.1 – You must wear High Visibility clothing and all PPE issued to you – it is provided for your protection and safety.
  2. Rule 4.3 – Do not step on sleepers or rails or between movable parts of points.
  3. Rule 5.3 – Do not lean on this safety barrier.
  4. Rule 5.3 – Do not rest tools or equipment against this safety barrier.
  5. Rule 7.1 – Tools and equipment must be at least 2m from a live line.
  6. Rule 7.5 – If you see anything wrong or unsafe with a train – report it to the signaller or operations control immediately.
  7. Direction of travel of Trains –
  8. Authorised access/egress Point
  9. Automatic track warning system (ATWS) in Operation
  10. Lookout-operated warning system (LOWS) in Operation
  11. Train-operated warning system (TOWS) in Operation
  12. No safe access while trains are running.
  13. Do not enter the Safety Barrier fenced-off area, unless instructed to do so by an authorised person e.g. PICOP, COSS.
  14. Danger! Live High Voltage overhead lines!
  15. Ear defenders must be worn.
  16. Hard Hats must be worn.
  17. Gloves must be worn.
  18. Protective footwear must be worn.
  19. This area is under 24hr T.V. surveillance.
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